[Idle Arks]Game analysis/monetization

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Monetization structure analysis

■ No-charge/fine-charge area

It is a game that you can play without any problems without paying.
If you pay a small fee, you can play very comfortably if you buy "eliminate AD" and "double reward".
If you are not charged, you can improve efficiency by looking at AD anyway.
The game is a farming game where Raft is upgraded while collecting materials in Raft.
All of them are blocky characters, but they have a surprising attachment.
It's a good game that makes you spend a lot of time watching the screen.

■Charging element ・Mainly advertising exclusion type

It is an ad-free billing that allows you to receive rewards without looking at advertisements to make the game comfortable.
In addition to eliminating advertisements and charging to double rewards, we also sell in-game currency that can be used in a short time.
The game and billing are easy to understand.
Also, since non-payers are obliged to see AD, stable advertising income is likely to be obtained.

List of billing contents

Summary of types of monetization in-game purchases

In-Game ADs
AD exclusions
Added functionality
In-game currency sales