How to defeat and capture the arena Vulcan [Octpath Traveler Continent Champion]

It is the capture information of the champion of Octopath Traveler continent.
I will explain how to capture Vulcan in the arena.

I uploaded the video to YouTube.
Click here for YouTube capture reference video: Subjugation of the arena Vulcan! Strategy information such as weaknesses and tips

Vulcan and Dancer / Researcher’s Weaknesses / Basic Information

name Weaknesses Shield
Vulcan Sword, Cane, Ice 28
Strategic Researcher Sword, Spear, Bow, Light 12
A tactician dancer Spear, Bow, Book, Ice 16

Lastly, I want to defeat Vulcan and the Strategy Researcher as soon as possible, so
I think it will be easier to fight if you form a party centered on Swords, Bows, and Ice.

Vulcan’s actions

Basic behavior

Action Effect
Light Magic II Single and whole, light attribute
Double beat 2 physical attacks
Great Light Magic Random 3 times light attribute attack / light attribute down

Vulcan alone / or less than half HP

Back hand Autonomous Spirit Stone Summon

Autonomous spirit stone

Eliminate enhancement effect At the end of the turn, the strengthening effect of the ally avant-garde disappears
Great light Magic Random 3 times light attribute attack / light attribute down
Devil’s Technique BP of a single ally is -3
Light of Eternal Killing Counter attack, attacking the weak point of autonomous spirit stone will damage more than 5000 to one ally

Behavior of a tactical researcher / tactician dancer

I will write this roughly.

Strategic Researcher
Dark attribute attack center, defensive down for all ally avant-garde, etc.
A tactician dancer
Enemy strengthening center, light resistance down, genus attack, speed up, all allies dark attribute attack, etc.

Tips for capturing Vulcan

Since attribute attacks are the main, armor should be robe type and hood type with high defense.
It’s easy to have SP recovery accessories for the sword / ice attacker and recovery role.
Battle start
Defeat from your companion (from a tactical researcher)
Maintain weakening, strengthening defense, automatic recovery, etc. In particular, weakening Vulcan is essential.
Shave Vulcan’s HP without killing the second companion
When you defeat the second companion, you will summon an “autonomous spirit stone”. Therefore, first, reduce the HP of Vulcan by more than half. The second companion is dying.
After summoning an autonomous spirit stone, it is even better to be able to adjust the break so that it can break before it reaches the red gauge.
After summoning an autonomous spirit stone
Ignore autonomous spirit stones. Be careful as you will receive a weakness counter with a high probability such as whole ice magic.
Break in front of the red gauge and defeat it all at once. (Because the red gauge increases the genus attack and the damage is about 3000)

↓The reference video has been uploaded.
Click here for YouTube capture reference video: Subjugation of the arena Vulcan! Strategy information such as weaknesses and tips

Video content commentary

Organization and skill selection

“Anti-attack”, “anti-guard” and “double wide burst” are recommended! Almost essential because Vulcan is always weakened and ally enhancement is erased
“Triple slash” when shaving, “Collapse charge” when attacking.
With the aura of protection, the defense of all allies’ avant-garde is improved and the immediate recovery role. Immediate recovery is essential as automatic recovery will be erased
Basic “Guardian Rage” is used only. Second sword damage
Early bolt spikes are about lucky if paralyzed. I’m glad I didn’t have Chain Lightning Ja and had heel spikes. Only use basic continuous thrust
If you defeat the first one, use it as a scraper to recover the SP of the sword role.
Break & damage role with ice attribute. Random and the whole are sealed after the appearance of autonomous spirit stones.
Automatic recovery is still strong in the early stages. After the autonomous spirit stone came out, I thought that it would recover as a single unit, but the break shaving by three consecutive hits was useful.
From the beginning to the middle, I put it in to defeat her companion. If it is a bow, other characters are OK.

Characters that are particularly strong against Vulcan

Fior: The damage caused by the sword is very good.
Viola: Essential as a weakening role / shield scraping role
Mylord: Defensive up / recovery role


Accessories seem to be more stable if you add defense and HP increase. As you can see from the video, you won’t die, but you may be able to reduce your HP to the red gauge. There are many cases where you can manage if you are alive. Since the enemy’s attack power is not strong after becoming a single Vulcan, it is important to have a strategy to defeat it at once.

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