List of Exploration Abilities and Battle Abilities [Dungeon Encounters]

This is a reminder of Dungeon Encounters.
This is a list of Exploration abilities and Battle abilities.
I think the Exploration abilities are essential for a complete breakthrough.
Battle Abilities are very important in this game, as there are many troublesome abnormalities.

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List of Exploration Abilities

No. Ability Name Coordinates
70 Eagle Eye 11.30.68
71 Fiend Scouting 01.77.62
72 Lesser Descension 05.31.58
73 Lesser Ascension 07.54.37
74 Conjured Waypoint 32.53.65
75 Wanderer Tracking 18.65.72
76 Shift 22.32.61
77 Gambler’s Shift 15.15.50
78 Greater Descension 38.64.49
79 Pitfall Clairvoyance 47.99.19
7A Expanded Awareness 29.56.51
7B Knight’s Shift 40.85.37
7C Toll Evasion 56.53.46
7D Greater Ascension 35.60.30
7E Fiend Shuffle 25.84.29
7F Illusion Clairvoyance 69.51.42
80 Gambler’s Teleport 58.33.61
81 Homeward Bound 72.45.54
80 Teleport 86.04.33
83 Perfect Camouflage 98.69.31

* Teleport can cause all but the first person to go missing in rare cases. (When there are no specified coordinates?).
* Perfect Camouflage will not result in a battle even if you step on a battle square. You can use the decision key to fight.From the 95th floor (95.69.31), you can go to the corresponding position by using “Greater Descension”.
* Homeward Bound allows you to repatriate several members of your party to the Academy at 00.50.50.

List of Battle Abilities

No. Ability Name Coordinates
84 Withdraw 02.44.40
85 Restoration 06.47.32
86 Resurrection 17.59.35
87 Mithridate 05.41.49
88 Desperate Strength 26.50.14
89 Physical Rejuvenation 20.42.52
8A Magical Rejuvenation 21.39.54
8B Group Reflection 31.67.74
8C Valiant Strength 09.49.48
8D Unappetizing 14.36.62
8E Dominant Strength 55.21.82
8F Resolute 16.49.69
90 Armsmaster 33.76.60
91 Greater Resurrection 45.49.50
92 Dual Rejuvenation 66.83.82
93 Wrothful Strength 36.47.44
94 Softskin 23.73.52
95 Ranged Focus 59.27.42
96 Fearless 41.77.67
97 Greater Restoration 63.72.66

* If hero is blown away, hero is Wanderer. Use “Wanderer Tracking” to find them. (They are on the same floor.)
* If you are eaten and consumed, you can rescue the monster by defeating a monster with the same name as the one you ate. Organized in its place.

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List of answers to math riddles
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