Summarize what to do every day [Octopath Traveler Continent Champion]

It is the capture information of the champion of Octopath Traveler continent.
The quest is almost over and I just repeat the same thing every day, but I would like to list what to do as a memorandum.
I give priority, but it’s just my subjectivity. I think that each person has different goals, so please use it as a reference.

A list of things to do every day

For the time being, I also included confirmation of the email that was automatically sent.

Item Purpose
Announcement / letter confirmation Check information such as events with rubies
Daily / weekly missions Except for buying 3 equipment, basically it’s OK if you digest the daily change
Subjugation mission Normal and advanced once daily recovery at 4 o’clock. The best reward is to get the guide stone of the character you used.
Experience value efficiency is good.
You can also get items for star-up.

Basically, I think the above is important.
Especially, it’s a message confirmation and subjugation mission that Ruby can get. In the case of no charge or fine charge, the guide stone of 5 star characters is quite valuable. If you want to pay for it, you can replace the gold stone with a chip. If you can charge for it, there are level-up berries in the first place, so I think that you will only have to fill in the achievements.

List to do if you want strength

You can digest this list to complete your daily routine.
You can gradually improve your stats such as influence, achievements, and weapon enhancement.

Item Purpose
Weapon Strengthening Material Collection
Sacred Series
In front of Titus Cathedral (from the collecting point)
Titus Crypt (Symbol Enemy)
Tyrant series
Doniesk (from collecting point)
East Siflo Riverbank (Symbol Enemy)
Siflo Riverbank (Symbol Enemy)
Fenrir series
Victor Hollow (from collecting point)
Victor Hollow Forest Road (Symbol Enemy)
Underground Arena (Symbol Enemy)
Taiki no Shizuku (Symbol Enemy)
Innocent series
Flame Grace (from collection point)
Flame Grace Snow Road (Symbol Enemy)
Ice Cave of Lamentation (Symbol Enemy)
Stamp series
Tower of Recollection
Legendary Symbol Enemy
Nameless Town / Nameless Wilderness Tour Replacement for lack of recollection.
Weapon shop tour in each town Field command execution (payment of achievements). Experience / money items
Experienced equipment Get the second or more laps

Is it like this?
If there are quests left or field commands for people in the city, I think it’s a good idea to prioritize them and digest them.

By the way, the drop rate of “Experienced Equipment” is not so good, so if you get hooked, it may not be several hours, so I think it is better to moderate it.
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