[Ace Archer]Game analysis/monetization

App basic information

【弾幕シューティングRPG 】 新感覚!弾幕シューティングRPG、初心者でも気軽に楽しめる 連打でステージを進もう! 【無限ステータス、止まらない爽快感! 】 衝撃の成長速度!BIGステータスで今までにない爽快感! ポップなグラフィックの中で弾を打って、敵を倒していく爽快感が味わえる本格弾幕シューティングゲーム 【 24時間放置、フルオートバトルで楽しもう! 】 オフライン放置でexpを貯めて、キャラクターを成長させよう! オートバトルでちょっとした隙間時間でも手軽にプレイ可能! 【ファンタジー世界に、神話英霊たちを育成せよ!】 各地の神話英霊たちが少年姿で現れて、ストーリーを進めると仲間になって一緒に戦ってくれるようになるぞ! 組み合わせ無限大&多種多様なバトルコンテンツ 果たして、あなたは運命の絆をみつけ、この世界の真相を解明できるのか! 【人気声優が続々登場!】 福島潤 高橋李依 小倉唯 伊藤静 上坂すみれ Lynn 小野友樹 福山潤 竹達彩奈 細谷佳正 伊藤美来 中田譲治 野中藍 桑原由気 田中敦子 日笠陽子 佐倉綾音 など 【価格】 アプリ本体:無料 アプリ内課金 【推奨端末】 iPhone6S以上 ※iPhone6S以下の端末ではゲームがスムーズに動作しない場合がございます。 ※端末の使用状況により、ゲームがスムーズに動作しない場合がございます。 ※推奨端末以外でのサポート、補償等は致しかねますので何卒ご了承ください。


Schematic diagram


Monetization structure analysis

■ No-charge/fine-charge area

As you can see from the schematic diagram, it is a common type of game that trains characters and enjoys stories and PVP.
However, the number of elements is huge.Although it is shown as M in the schematic diagram, I do not understand much myself because there are too many kinds of materials necessary for growth.There's an autogrow button so that's enough.However, it is very difficult to understand what is needed and where to obtain it for the next growth.
There are a wide variety of subjects to be trained, including my characters, followers, equipment, and pets.
It looks like a terribly cute character, but when you open the lid, it's a terrifying parameter game.
It is easy to play even for non-payment and fine-payment, and supplements the necessary materials with rewards.
There is also a convenient additional function charge for small charges (such as batch functions).
If you extend your reach to PVP and aim for higher ranks, you will not be able to catch up with no charges or small charges.
It seems that people who like to grow up carefully can get tired.

■Charging element ・Main is training type

Anyway, since there are many elements in the game, billing is set up in places.
Is it worth paying attention to the feature-based billing for small payers?
There are multiple packages, and the functions will be expanded with a time limit.
A function is added that allows you to perform operations in bulk at a low price.
Characters and equipment are types that collect pieces.
Sometimes you can draw characters and equipment directly from the loot box.
Since there is no advertisement-based billing element, it seems that in-game currency billing is the main.

List of billing contents

Summary of types of monetization in-game purchases

Loot box
Add reward items
Added functionality
Limited time effect
Character purchase
Reinforcement pack
In-game currency sales

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