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Which hero to choose

* It is a subjective evaluation. I hope you can see it for reference.
I hope it will guide you as to which hero to choose and train.
When thinking about quests, it is often impossible to defeat the boss if the attack power is low, so attack power is essential.
You also need some protection.
When considering attack and defense, I think that the Rogue that can extend the attack with a critical hit and increase the survival rate to some extent with the evasion rate is strong. If it’s just attack power, it’s the Spellcaster.


–Thief Monk Musketeer
This game has a strong critical hit.
Therefore, the Rogue with a high critical hit rate can stably contribute to the quest strategy from the beginning to the end.
Also, the evasion is high, so the survival rate is actually high.
In terms of attack power, the spell caster system is still the best.
However, they don’t have the durability, so thier face often turns red when I go to the quest.
However, even if you choose the beginning, you should not get stuck in the quest.
Monk has the highest critical damage. Others are the same as thieves, but the amount of damage is overwhelming at the beginning.
The musketeer is upward compatible with the thief. It has a higher base attack power than a thief and has a critical rate of 30%.


–Ranger Sorcerer
As in the early stages, the higher the critical hit rate, the more stable it is.
I recommend wanderers, but the difference from the musketeers in the early stages is that the evasion rate is higher for wanderers.
The critical rate is higher for musketeers, so I want to raise both.
I like rangers and myself. The balance is good.
If you want to use various heroes, please try it.
The sorcerer feels like it’s upward compatible with mages. Excellent destructive power.


Samurai, Berserker, Ninja, Dancer, Spell blade, Geomancer
All are strong.
Samurai whose first blow becomes critical.
A Ninja who is good at critical hits and evasion.
I think the above two is easy to use.
The dancer is also strong because he has a high base ability score. But you can be satisfied with the performance of the Ninja that you can get first.
If you do skill replacement etc. without using GEM, is Ninja good for cost performance?
The spell blade and feng shui master have excellent attack power.
At the end of the game, by examining the skills you can remember, you can become a strong character or an unnecessary character, so it will change to a skill game.

→Hero’s Skill List


Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Soldier D 0
Barbarian D 0
Knight D 0
Ranger B
Samurai S
Berserker S


Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Thief B
Monk B
Musketeer B
Wanderer A
Ninja Ss
Dancer S

Spell caster

Class Evaluation Hp Attack Defense Avoid Skills
Mage C 0
Cleric D 0
Druid D 0
Sorcerer B 0
Spell Blade A 0
Geomancer S 0

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