[Shop Titans]Basics and Tricks for Beginners

Shop Titan is a game that runs a shop that handles weapons, armor and other equipment for adventurers.
The people of the town procure the material, and the equipment requested is made.
Charging can accelerate your store's growth, but it's not always necessary to pay for fun.
I'm sure you'll understand the basics by completing the tutorial, but in short, I'll show you the game, focusing on what you should do.

About Craft (Making Products)


At the beginning of the game, you can only make very easy and inexpensive items.The materials used to make are naturally procured in time by placing containers such as "iron containers" and "wood containers" as "furniture".As the game progresses, you will meet new city craftsmen and increase the types of ingredients and recipes you can make.

First, let's create an item and get a new recipe.
You will be able to create items that sell more and more.Recipes can also be obtained from quest treasure chests.
In addition, if you create the same item repeatedly, the recipe for the item is enhanced, such as "time saving" or "sell high" adds value.

Sell Items – Energy Management

Item Sales

Guests' adventurers gather at the counter.And you can choose some commands when you sell.
Basically you get additional charges on expensive items, discounts on cheap items.
The important thing here is the additional charge, but it consumes energy.
You can save energy below.Small talk has success and failure.

  • Sales: Increase at counter level
  • Small talk (with failure) 🙁 maximum value of energy – current value) / 10
  • Discount: Number of numbers
  • When an adventurer showed interest in the furniture placed in the room

Furniture placement and upgrades


By upgrading the counter, you get more energy when you sell it.
In addition, adventurers come to sell more expensive items.

The furniture on the right side of the furniture rack icon furniture can be upgraded.
You can also increase the maximum amount of energy by upgrading the furniture.
The number of items arranged for the customer increases, too.

The second canbe upgraded furniture from the right of the furniture.
You will be able to store more material sand for the craft.

Other interior furniture is sometimes interesting to adventurers and adds energy.
Reputation doesn't affect gameplay, and only has a reputation ranking.
Nevertheless, you'll want to change the interior to your liking!

Send a hero champion to quests


To dispatch to quests, there is first champion (Argon) and another hero.
By going to quests, you can earn special materials.
You can also earn treasure chests, treasure chest keys, equipment, and more.

→Recommended heroes are here

Hero can be equipped with the item you made!However, if you are on an adventure, the probability (indicated at the bottom of the equipment item) will break.
As a guide to success in quests, you'll see a face at the top of the character.
If it's green or yellow, it's OK, and red stuns the character (it falls but doesn't lose the hero character).
Send regularly to quests that fit your power.

Enter the guild as soon as possible

Join the Guild

The power of this game is very large.
There are many benefits to being an active guild.

  • Share your investment in the city's artisans!(Maximum level increase of craftsmen, increase disrate production, etc.)
  • Various boosts with guild benefits
  • Help from guild members (reduced furniture upgrade time)
  • Earn additional items with prize money and fukubukuro

Of course, you can also enjoy playing games with your friends, such as in-game communication and conversation!

What do diamonds use?

Even if you don't charge, diamonds will accumulate a certain number of them, but they are valuable.
If you're not going to charge for the game, you'll need to save as many diamonds as possible.

What diamonds are worth using

The effect is persistent and it costs a lot of gold.It is recommended from the beginning after the middle.

  • Home Extension
  • Extending craft frames

Which one is better if you charge?

If you're charged a small fee to enjoy the game more, here's a look.

The Wise Scholar (Academy, Academic Evelyn)

It is possible to craft wand system and rune system.Rune is recommended for the second half of the gold plan!

The Crafty Engineer (Institute, Engineer Roxanne)

It is possible to produce guns and crossbows.
As a sober and pleasant effect, the probability of breaking the equipment in the quest is halved!

Champion Offers

Non-argon champions can be friends by earning coins by delivering items when they visit quest treasure chests or shops.
However, there are many first-request coins, so if you charge them and make them friends, the quest will be easier.
I'll be a friend even if you don't charge, i'll recommend it because it was useful in the quest of the beginning.
I think Liliu is the best cospa.

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